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Do you have an idea for a project that you want to put into action together with others? Do you want to develop your association’s or group’s activities as a community?

Citizens’ Forum grants financial support to associations and study group activity within communities.

Working in a study group is very inspiring and liberating. We’ve learned to share our own ideas and be inspired by the ideas of others! -Participant Feedback

What is a communal study group?

Learning in a communal study group is goal-oriented and develops the future activities of the group. Most importantly, you will acquire skills and knowledge that are new to you. The activity is communal when all group members take responsibility and work together towards a mutual goal. The study group support is funded by State Contribution to Study Centre operations, section 29.10.31. The contribution is based on the Act on Liberal Adult Education.

What can we get the support for?

A group can apply for financial support for their activities when the following requirements are met:

  • The work of the group is goal-oriented, communal and by nature develops future activity.
  • Group members will gain new knowledge and/or skills.
  • The group will work together for a minimum of 30 lessons (45 minutes each).
  • The group has a minimum of five participants above the age of 15.

We grant a maximum of 500 euros of financial support to cover study group expenses. Acceptable expenses could be ones related to, for example, venue, wages, travel, material, photocopies, and advertisements. The study group funding cannot be used for an instructor’s personal study excursions, or for buying materials or services that do not support the group’s studies directly, for example services and products bought for the purpose of fundraising.

Policy outlines of supporting the study group activities 2023

How and when should you apply?

You can apply through the Citizens’ Forum Skaftuki web service. To use Skaftuki your group will need to choose a representative who will register for the service on behalf of the group. Instructions for registration can be found on the Skaftuki page. The representative chosen by the group submits the financial support application (filled in with the group) to the Skaftuki web service.

All support applications are processed. Applicants are informed of the status of their application on the Skaftuki web service and by email to the representative member.

Study groups operating in the year 2021 must announce commencement between the time frame 1.1.–31.10. Group activity must end during the year of operation (by 31.12.2021).

Any publications about or by the group should include the mention ”Produced with the support of Citizens’ Forum.” and the Citizens’ Forum logo.

Instructions for filling in the study group application and report can be found in the Skaftuki instruction video (in Finnish).

Working in a communal study group has been rewarding. It has added a feeling of collectivity and led to shared artistic processes, as well as a more even division of responsibilities. -Participant Feedback

After the study group

The group’s Skaftuki representative will submit a communal study group report to the skaftuki.fi service within a month of the study group ending. We will process the description of activity and expense report, after which payment will be made to the bank account submitted. If the study group is not set up by a registered association, receipts for all the expenses must be attached to the expense report.

Ideas and instructions for study group activity

A communal study group can, for example, plan and produce theater, dance, circus or other art productions. It can also further investigate ways to develop activity in associations or make a plan for how to better communication. Citizens’ Forum also has material for communal study groups to use in their studies.

Additional tips, examples, and instructions can be found here: Ideasta toteutukseen Kansalaisfoorumin tuella opas (in Finnish)

For more information and support, contact our education coordinator Pekka Kinnunen pekka.kinnunen@kansalaisfoorumi.fi.

Watch this video on the ”Monday painters” study group (Subtitles in English available)