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At the end of the year 2023 member associations of the member organisations of Citizens’ Forum can apply for funding for training courses  to be held 2024. The training courses must be aimed at immigrants (registered residence in Finland). 

The application period for funding is later this year.


  • There must be at least eight participants on the course  
  • Participants must be 15 years of age or older.    
  • The duration of the course should be at least 6 lessons and not more than 20 lessons (one lesson is 45 minutes).   
  • The maximum amount of funding is 800 €/course.   
  • The funding can be used e.g., for instructor salaries, space rents or study materials. 

One association can apply for funding for several course ideas, in which case each the application form must be filled in separately for each course. 

In the selection process, we emphasize the following:    

  • The need for a course for the association has been clearly demonstrated.   
  • The plan is realistic, i.e. the study goal of the course is achievable and the budget is clear. 
  • We support various course topics, especially art and cultural education as well as courses that strengthen active participation in society, inclusion and community-building. 
  • Regional equality – courses in different parts of Finland 

The chosen associations will receive instructions on how to use the funding. The association is responsible for organising the course, advertising the course and finding participants, searching for a course space and purchasing materials.   

Citizens’ Forum pays the salaries of the instructors, but all other expenses are to be paid by the association. The applicable expenses are refunded to the association after the course has ended. 

Instructor salary amounts must follow the General collective agreement for the private teaching sector and regulations specific to educational institutions. 

The course funding is provided by the Finnish National Agency for Education.  

For more information, please contact:
Maiju Hirviniemi, maiju.hirviniemi@kansalaisfoorumi.fi
Minna Lepistö, minna.lepisto@kansalaisfoorumi.fi