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Skaftuki is the web-service used by Citizen’s Forum for

  • applying for financial course support and accounting for expenses
  • applications for financial support and reports (communal study groups)

How to begin using the Skaftuki service

An association names a representative member, who applies for a username with the Basic Information Form. The personal username authorizes the representative to manage communication related to course support on behalf of their association.

The form is located at the bottom of this page and requires both the signatures of the association’s chairperson and the representative member applying for authorization.
Once your application has been processed we will send you your Skaftuki username by email. When you have received your username, log in to the Skaftuki service and change your password.

Your Skaftuki username is personal

The bearer of the username is responsible for both themself and their association to insure the information submitted to the Skaftuki web-service is correct. This is why the username is personal. Remember to inform if you end your post as your association’s representative and never give your log-in credentials to another for their use.

You can acquaint yourself with the Skaftuki service through instructional videos (in Finnish). In addition to this, more detailed written instructions on the use of the service and applying for course support can be found on the web site.

Do you need more information?

Contact us by email at info@skaftuki.fi or by telephone. Our education coordinators, Tuula Hyystinmäki and Pekka Kinnunen, will gladly assist in all questions related to the Skaftuki service. Bearers of Skaftuki usernames will receive current information through our Skaftuki newsletter on a regular basis.

Download the basic information form here:

Download and save the documents on your personal computer first. The text box fields will then be activated and you can fill them in on your computer.

Skaftuki Basic Information Form (Word file)
Skaftuki Basic Information Form (PDF file)