Kuva: Iiro Rautiainen

Generations in Interaction – GE&IN (2018–2021)

This collaboration with Erasmus+ promoted intergenerational learning by producing materials for different organizations.

The materials produced during the project:

The project website

Digital Skills for Adults (2019–2021)

The Citizens’ Forum funded and organized courses to teach digital skills, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Renewal of kansalaisyhteiskunta.fi (2020)

The Citizens’ Forum, funded by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation, renewed the website kansalaisyhteiskunta.fi (Civil society) during the year 2020.

Socio-pedagogical Guidance in Institutions of Liberal Adult Education SOSPEVA (2018–2020)

The aim of this project was to develop ways of working, as well as concrete tools to holistically guide immigrants in institutions of liberal adult education.

Piloting a Study Module for Liberal Adult Education (2019–2020)

The Citizens’ Forum collaborated on a pilot study with the University of Tampere in their continuous learning project.

Active and Democractic Citizenship ADEKA (2018–2020)

The project aimede to develop courses for active and democratic citizenship in institutions of liberal adult education.

Supporting Integration and Inclusive Study Paths for Immigrants – KOTOS (2018)

In this literacy training aimed at immigrants, community art supported holistic language learning and integration.

Finnish Social Forum (2017–2018)

The Finnish Social Forum is a platform for new ways of thinking and civic discussion.

For more information, please see sosiaalifoorumi.fi.

Spaces for Intercultural Learning (2016–2018)

In this project, we aimed to increase intercultural know-how through art and actionability. We produced materials for educators on teaching intercultural skills.

You can learn more at the project website: IntercultProject.com.

In social media, the hashtag is #IntercultProject.

The project collaborators have produced videos that can be found at YouTube.

Poluttamo – Your Digital Path to Learning (2015–2018)

The project provided support for students of upper secondary schools for clarifying their personal learning paths and how to advance in their studies. The project website.

Villi Viikki (2016)

Villi Viikki inspired people to be active citizens through art and creativity.

Toisin silmin – Through Different Eyes (2016)

The project addressed the themes of shared humanity through art, in order to promote a diverse, democratic civil society.

Collaboration: kulttuurivoimala.fi

Jaettu johtajuus – Shared Leadership (2015–2016)

A development project for leadership skills in organizations, where we created a shared leadership program for civic societies.

Opintokeskukset muutoksessa – Changing Landscape of Study Centers (2016)

This joint development project of study centers looked for tools with which study centers could support their member organizations in facing changes.

More information about the finnished projects in Finnish.