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Would your association like to arrange a course or a lecture? Citizens’ Forum offers associations help in planning their training and provides financial support to cover expenses.

What is Citizens’ Forum’s financial course support for?

We support courses arranged by associations with at least eight course participants over the age of 15. The minimum course length is one lesson (1 lesson = 45 minutes). Your course is eligible for support if it does not receive governmental funding another way. Both contact learning and online learning are supported.

How much is the support?

The amount of financial support paid is based on the number of lessons and amount of expenses. The support can cover a maximum of 60 % of the qualifying expenses. Current course support levels:

  • For member organizations and their member associations: a maximum of 26 euros/lesson
  • For other organizations: a maximum of 22 euros/lesson

To be eligible for course support, all materials related to the course or lecture must mention ”Produced with the support of Citizens’ Forum.” and include the Citizens’ Forum logo. For more information on course support and acceptable expenses: Instructions for expenses related to course support 2021. For more information on calculating the number of lessons for online teaching, see this file.

How and when to apply?

Applications are submitted through the Skaftuki web service, the use of which requires registration. Instructions for registration can be found on the Skaftuki page. For courses and lectures planned for the next calendar year, apply for a yearly quota in December of the current year. When applying for a quota, you are asked to describe the extent of the educational activity and its content and goals for your association. If you wish to apply for course support for the current year but have not previously applied for a quota, you should first inquire about the possibility for course support by email: info@skaftuki.fi.

Support for planning training

The educational coordinators at Citizens’ Forum can provide pedagogical support and tips for planning training. We will gladly help you with, for example, finding the right instructor or choosing the right methods for your course. You can make use of Citizens’ Forum publications and online training instructions. For more information, contact our Education Manager Anna Kirstinä, anna.kirstina@kansalaisfoorumi.fi. Don’t hesitate to contact us — let’s plan the kinds of training that inspire and support the goals of your association together.

Download the necessary forms here:

Download and save the documents on your personal computer first. The text box fields will then be activated and you can fill them in on your computer. Both PDF and Word versions can be filled in by computer, but PDF versions are more suitable for filling in by hand.

Instructor’s Invoice for Wages and Travel, pdf form
Instructor’s Invoice for Wages and Travel, Word form

Course Program, pdf form
Course program, Word form

List of Participants, pdf form
List of participants, Word form