Citizen’s Forum is a nationwide liberal adult education institution and an expert on civic engagement and peer learning. We aim at promoting active citizenship, community values and democracy through non-formal adult education and cultural projects. Citizen’s Forum provides educational, cultural and developmental services to civil society organizations and individuals interested in personal growth and life-long learning.

Our educational activities include courses, seminars, study groups and discussion events. In our trainings, we highlight the importance of participation, dialogue and and peer learning.

In addition to organizing educational events of our own, we supply financial and pedagogical support for our partner organizations’ trainings. Citizen’s Forum has seven member organizations.

Our books and other publications provide information and viewpoints on diverse topics related to civil society, NGOs, arts and culture. For example, we have published several guidebooks on arts-based and actions-oriented teaching methods for educators.

Citizen’s Forum also implements national and international projects in collaboration with other organizations. For example, in 2016–2018 we are the coordinator for the ErasmusPlus project Spaces for Intercultural Learning. If you are interested in project cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

More information: You can find the contact information of all our employees on our Contact page (in Finnish). 

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